New Publications on the Conditions of Women in Israel

These five new publications examining the social and economic conditions of Arab women in Israel were published under the auspices of Mada al-Carmel's Economic Justice Program and in partnership with The Galilee Society, Rikaz, and I'lam.


The Education budget and participation of Arab women in the labor market: An Analysis of Gender and Ethnicity (PDF)

by Mtanes Shihadeh and Foad Moadi





Reality of Women in Israel (PDF)

by Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad, Leena Abu-Mukh Zoabi, Mtanes Shehadeh, Sami Miaari, Foad Moadi, Liana Fahoum





Arab Women in the Labour Market: Empirical Implications and Policy Orientation (PDF

by Dr. Sami Miaari





Health of Arab Women in Israel (PDF)

by Dr. Mohammad Khatib



Guide for Gender Sensitive National Budgets
by Lena Abu-Mukh Zoabi and Mtanes Shihadeh
Available in Arabic (PDF) and Hebrew (PDF).