The Palestinians in Israel: Readings in History, Politics and Society

The Palestinians in Israel: Readings in History, Politics and Society 
Edited by: Nadim N. Rouhana and Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
ISBN: 965-7308-18-6
First Vol. available in EnglishArabic and Hebrew


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This book presents a historiography of the Palestinian experience in Israel from a different perspective than the prevailing Israeli perspective, and uses a different discourse. The authors present the experience of the Palestinians in Israel by using a narrative that differs from the narrative that has been presented–for the most part–from the perspective of the dominant group. We do not claim that research on the subjects covered here has been absent or has been uncritical.

Some of the contributors to this book have indeed influenced the field of knowledge through their research and writing on similar issues. Yet, it is important to publish these entries in a single volume and in a comprehensible manner for all those interested in issues of the Palestinians in Israel in Arabic, English and Hebrew. Furthermore, some of the data and information published here is available in only one of these three languages. We hope that Mada al-Carmel– which prepared and published this volume as an electronic book–will become a repository of knowledge and analysis on Palestinians in Israel, written from a critical perspective of Israeli policies, on the Palestinian national experience, and the internal factors that impede or facilitate the evolution of individuals who are conscious of their political status and collective and social reality, and who aspire to change them.

A group of researchers contributed to this book. Most contributions approach the central issues critically, and offer a serious alternative to the prevailing establishment discourse in Israel. Various works have dealt with the issue of “representing the subordinate” or “who can write about the oppressed” (see, for example, Spivak, 1994). We believe that writing on the issues of Palestinians in Israel and the policies adopted by the Israeli establishment towards them is related–first and foremost–to the intellectual and critical approach of the author, rather than his or her national identity.

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