Personal Status Litigation for Palestinians in Israel: A Controversial Issue; Jadal Issue 16, December 2012

  Personal Status Litigation for Palestinians in Israel: A Controversial Issue Editorial Areen Hawari Analytical Papers Personal Status in Civl Versus Religious Courts: A Controversial Issue | Areen Hawari Viewpoints Eleven Years Since the Amendment to the Family Rights Law: Achievements … Continue reading

The Master’s Tools; Jadal Issue 13, May 2012

The Master's Tools: Palestinian Citizens' Appeal within the Israeli Legal System Editorial Alaa Mahajna Analytical Papers Litigation within the Israeli Court System: a Double-Edged Sword | Alaa Mahajna Viewpoints On Legal Advocacy and Legitimation of Control | Hassan Jabareen Back to Politics? | Mazen Al-Masri The … Continue reading

Rethinking Partition of Palestine; Jadal Issue 10, June 2011

Rethinking Partition of Palestine Editorial Alternatives to Partition Analytical Papers The Colonial Condition: Is Partition Possible in Palestine? | Nadim N. Rouhana Viewpoints The Palestine Partition Plan of 1947 | Adel Manna Separation and Bi-nationalism | Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin Alternatives to Partition: Geopolitical Dimensions | Thabet Abu-Ras The Arabs … Continue reading

Critical Readings of Palestinian-Jewish “Dialogue”; Jadal Issue 9, January 2011

Critical Readings of Palestinian-Jewish "Dialogue" Editorial Demolishing Walls | Rabah Halabi Analytical Papers The Oppressed Meeting the Oppressor: A Futile Action that Perpetuates the Existing Reality  | Rabah Halabi Viewpoints Joint Civil Society Organizations: Partnership or Lordship? | Bassem Kananeh Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue: Between the Vision … Continue reading