Mada released four new publications examining the social and economic conditions of Arab women in Israel. They were published under the auspices of Mada al-Carmel's Economic Justice Program and in partnership with The Galilee Society, Rikaz, and I'lam. Access the publications here.




The Palestinians in Israel: Readings in History, Politics and Society, edited by Nadim N. Rouhana and Areej Sabbagh-Khoury, explores the collective experience of the Palestinians who remained in Israel and the complex nature of their relationship to the state, presenting historiography and analysis on social shifts and internal formations of political and identity awareness. It is also available in Arabic and Hebrew.



Another important release is The Haifa Declaration (PDF). Over 50 years after the 1948 Nakba, a group of Palestinian intellectuals, academics, and activists from different fields and political viewpoints initiated an effort to draft a statement of a collective vision of Palestinian citizens in Israel. The project began in 2002 and sought to create a forum for Arab citizens from a broad social and political base to freely discuss their vision of the past, present, and future. The result of this effort is the Haifa Declaration: a vision of their collective future and status in their homeland, the major challenges facing their society, and their relationship with their people, nation, and the state of Israel.

Download the publication in English here.

Download the publication in Hebrew here.

Download the publication in Arabic here.


[column width="47%" padding="5%"]Jadal, meaning “dialectical discussions” selects a key topic of concern for each issue’s focus, and presents multiple views capturing a broad range of perspectives in the community. A leading scholar in the relevant field serves as guest editor and provides an editorial and analytical paper. Jadal aims to inspire discussion and debate and to highlight issues of importance to Palestinians in Israel, including those often overlooked by the international community. Archives[/column]

[column width="47%" padding="0%"]Political Monitoring Report: Since 2002, Mada al-Carmel has published reports monitoring political developments in Israel’s policies vis-à-vis Israel’s Palestinian citizens, first in the form of annual reviews, and then as periodic electronic reports. These reports provide documentation and analysis on state legislative and policy developments, public opinion, and influential public statements. The most recent quarterly format provides an in-depth analysis of an emergent issue. Archives[/column][end_columns]

Archive of all available e-publications available here.