Economic Justice Program

The growing socio-economic gap between Jews and Palestinians in Israel underscores fundamental sources of institutionalized discrimination facing Palestinians. Mada assists advocacy efforts for economic justice by providing reports and analysis of key economic factors, in addition to comparative studies that examine official government budget allocations vis-à-vis actual receipts by Palestinians.

Gender Sensetive Budget Analysis Project

Together with the Galilee Society –Arab National Society for Health Research and Services and I’lam – Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel, Mada is engaged in a project analyzing the Israel state budget in regards to allocations to Palestinian women and its effect on levels of poverty among this population. It follows a previous study conducted jointly by Mada and the Galilee Society, Palestinians in Israel: Socio-Economic Survey 2004, available in Arabic.

In particular, this study looks at actual receipt of services by Palestinian women and their monetary value from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Mada’s role in the study is to offer feminist approaches to economic and social analysis and to conduct in-depth research on relevant expenditures of the Ministry of Education.

The study began in September 2009 and is expected to continue for a total of three years. The end result will be a policy paper providing recommendations in changes of government allocations to reduce poverty rates among Palestinian women. To improve the likelihood of policy change, focused media outreach is being conducted.


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Gender Sensetive Budget Analysis Project