[column width="47%" padding="5%"]As its name “dialectical discussions” implies, Jadal on-line magazine presents multiple views capturing a broad range of perspectives within the community and covers major issues by placing them within their historical and political contexts. It invites Arab, Jewish, and other scholars as well as political and community leaders to present new insights and contextualize issues in the broader space of historical and future relations among the Palestinians in Israel, other Palestinian communities, Israelis, and the Israeli state. Archives[/column][column width="47%" padding="0%"]The precursor to Jadal, Mada Akhar is a sociopolitical, cultural journal. It presents intellectual criticism and reflects modern thought on a wide range of disciplines. Mada Akhar offers work done outside of academia and it has been designed to appeal to a wide section of the Palestinian community, and to be accessible to those without an extensive academic background. Archives[/column][end_columns]

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