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Mada's staff are devoted professionals who manage the organization; coordinate projects, research teams, and publications; and conduct public relations, development, and outreach. Click on names to access biographies, or simply scroll down.

Professor Nadim N. Rouhana – General Director, is the founding director of Mada al-Carmel—Arab Center for Applied Social Research, which was established in 2000. He is a professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Studies at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University in Boston. Prior to that, he was a Chair Professor of Conflict Studies at George Mason University and held various academic positions at Palestinian, Israeli, and American universities.

His publications include the book Palestinian Citizens in an Ethnic Jewish State: Identities in Conflict  (Yale University Press, 1997) and numerous academic articles on collective identity, multiethnic states, democratic citizenship, dynamics of asymmetric conflicts, and Palestinian and Israeli societies.

Einas Odeh-Haj – Associate Director, received her Masters degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Derby in England, a BA in Psychology and English from the Hebrew University, and a teaching diploma from the University of Haifa. She taught English at Mar Elias College in Ibilin for 12 years. Ms. Haj is a public and political activist and a member in the Central Committee of the Union of Progressive Women, an organization that aims to motivate women to take an active role in society. She has served on the central committee of the National Democratic Assembly and as its Coordinator of Foreign Relations.

Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian – Gender Studies Program Director, is the Lawrence D. Biele Chair in Law at the Faculty of Law-Institute of Criminology and the School of Social Work and Public Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a longtime anti-violence, native Palestinian feminist activist and the director of the Gender Studies Program at Mada. Her research focuses on law, society and crimes of abuse of power. She studies the crime of femicide and other forms of gendered violence, crimes of abuse of power in settler colonial contexts, surveillance, securitization and social control, and trauma and recovery in militarized and colonized zones. Dr. Shalhoub-Kevorkian’s most recent book is entitled “Militarization and Violence Against Women in Conflict Zones in the Middle East: The Palestinian Case Study” published by Cambridge University Press, 2010. Her upcoming book is entitled “Security Theology, Surveillance and the Politics of Fear”, published by Cambridge University Press.

She has also published articles in multi-disciplinary fields including British Journal of Criminology, International Review of Victimology, Feminism and Psychology, Middle East Law and Governance, International Journal of Lifelong Education, American Behavioral Scientist Journal, Social Service Review, Violence Against Women, Journal of Feminist Family Therapy: An International Forum, Social Identities, Social Science and Medicine, Signs, Law & Society Review, and more. As a resident of the old city of Jerusalem, Dr. Shalhoub-Kevorkian is a prominent local activist. She engages in direct actions and critical dialogue to end the inscription of power over Palestinian children’s lives, spaces of death, and women’s birthing bodies and lives.

Aleen Marshy-Akleh – Administrative Assistant, received her B.Ed in Sociology and Media from Oranim Academic College. She has previously worked as a youth leader at Yudvot Center, a center for at-risk youth in Haifa.



Dr. Mohanad Mustafa- Director of Research Programs and Coordinator, Israel Studies Program, holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Haifa, his dissertation was entitled "Political Islam and Democratization in Arab World: Comparative Studies Tunisia and Egypt". He has an MA in political Sciences and History from the University of Haifa and a BA in political Sciences and History of the Middle East from the University of Haifa. He was a visiting scholar at the center of Islamic studies at University of Cambridge, and in Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha. Dr. Mustafa specialized on Palestinian Politics and Israeli Politics, Democratization, Political Regimes, and Political Islam in the Arab World. He has published articles, studies and books in these issues in several Academic Journals in Arabic, English and Hebrew.

Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury – Coordinator, Political Participation Program, received her PhD in 2015 from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University, where she had previously completed both her BA and MA. Her PhD dissertation was entitled “Colonization Practices and Interactions at the Frontier: Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair Kibbutzim and the Surrounding Arab Villages at the Margins of the Valley of Jezreel/Marj Ibn ‘Amer, 1936-1956,” and her Master’s thesis was “Between the ‘Law of Return’ and the Right of Return; Reflections on Palestinian discourse in Israel.” She has been working at Mada since 2002: currently she is an associated researcher and the Academic Coordinator of the Political Participation Project of Palestinians in Israel.

She has taught “Introduction to Sociology” at the Israeli Open University from 2010 to 2013. She has also contributed to several book chapters and articles, and co-edited The Palestinians in Israel: A Guide to History, Politics, and Society in two volumes with Nadim N. Rouhana, the first of which was published in 2011 and the second of which is forthcoming (Mada al-Carmel, in English, Hebrew and Arabic). Her most recent publication is an article she co-authored with Dr. Rouhana for Settler Colonial Studies; “Settler Colonial Citizenship: Conceptualizing the Relationship between Israel and its Palestinian Citizens.”

Ms. Areen Hawari – Coordinator, Jadal Magazine, is currently pursuing her PhD in Gender Studies at Ben Gurion University. Her thesis for her Gender Studies Master’s degree was entitled “The Construction of Masculine Identity of the Palestinian Male Citizens of Israel during the Military Regime (1948-1967).” Since the summer of 2014 she has taught the course “The Palestinians in Israel: Historical, Social and Political Aspects” in the Division of Graduate Studies at the Rothberg International School, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She currently works as a gender consultant for the Cordaid Foundation Barometer of Local Women Security for Palestinian women. From 2007 to 2012, she was the coordinator of media and feminist education for the feminist organization Al-Siwar, and was responsible for editing several of their newsletters. From 2002 to 2006 she was the co-director of the Community for Learning Women – Feminist Arab and Jewish Organization, and from 1997 to 2001, Ms. Hawari was the coordinator of the Women Human Rights Program at the Arab Association for Human Rights in Nazareth. Ms. Hawari is a political and feminist activist, lecturer, and moderator in feminist and gender issues.

Inas Khateeb – Research Assistant, finished her MA in Public Administration at the Political Science School of the University of Haifa in 2013, where she had previously received her second BA in Economics and Business Administration in 2009. She also holds a diploma in Gender Studies from Beit Berl College, and a teaching diploma from Tel Aviv University, where she completed her first BA in Archaeology, Arabic Language and Literature in 1995. She recently wrote an article analyzing “The Effect of Religious and Ultra-Orthodox Parties on Politics in Israel” (Mada al-Carmel, 2015), and she is responsible for an on-going biographical project of prominent Israeli politicians as part of the Israeli Studies Program at Mada. She previously coordinated Mada’s Oral History Project with Professor Kais Firro. In the past, Inas has worked as a Staff Manager at the UniSeker Survey Center at Haifa University and as an economic consulting assistant at Sadara Business Consulting Group.

Nour Elias – Accountant,  has worked with Mada since 2011. Mr. Elias is a Certified Public Accountant and has run a private accounting business since 2004. He has extensive experience auditing financial reports for public institutions and providing financial consulting to NGOs. He received a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University.


Deema Abo El-assal – Media coordinator and public relations, is a PhD student in political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she finished her M.A in political communication, and her B.A in communication and journalism and linguistics. Ms. Abo El-Assal worked as research assistant for more than 3 years at the department of political science with Prof. Eitan Alimi, and worked as facilitator and coordinator for women groups and dialogue groups at the Hebrew University.


Dr. Ameed Saabneh – Coordinator, Survey Research Unit spearheaded the SRU in 2002 in order to remedy the underrepresentation of Palestinian Arab citizens in Israeli public surveys. Despite constituting approximately 17% of the total population of Israel, no research center currently exists to conduct regular opinion polls within this community. Dr. Saabneh is now responsible for the design, implementation, analysis, and publication of surveys. Ben-Gurion University granted Dr. Saabneh the Kreitman Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2014, shortly after he completed the Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2013.

Dr. Saabneh received his B.A. in both Psychology and Statistics from the University of Haifa in 1996. He then went on to complete two master's degrees from the University of Haifa – one in Psychology in 2001, and the other in Statistics in 2003. From 2007 to 2009 he was a member of the Fulbright Scholarship Program while attending graduate school in the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the United States. In 2013 he was granted his Ph.D. in Demography and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Saabneh's research focuses on health inequalities and mortality in the Middle East and internationally, as well as stratification among the Palestinian society in Israel.

Siham Rashid – Coordinator, Fundraising and Resource Development works as an advisor in strategic development for Mada al-Carmel, an applied social research NGO in Haifa.  Prior to joining Mada al-Carmel, Siham served for close to twenty years leading program development, knowledge management, external relations and resource mobilization in various non-governmental organizations and UN agencies in the West Bank and the U.S. She was responsible for planning, tracking, reporting and communicating on a wide range of projects and initiatives, from initiation to closing, with a focus on process development and improvement. She has extensive experience in designing, implementing and overseeing day-to-day operations of programs, fundraising departments, strategic planning, report and evaluation writing, and budget drafting.

She is directly involved in several civil society coordination initiatives and is one of the founders of Sawa Rape Crisis Center in Jerusalem.  She is a feminist activist whose writings include analysis on the situation of Palestinian women, Jerusalem, and the role of the international media in their coverage of the occupied Palestinian territories. She holds a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and is working towards her Master’s in Public Policy and Management.

Joseph Nowesre – media editor and professional photographer, He holds a diploma in media design and photography from the Technion. He started working at Mada al-Carmel in October 2016, at the position of Website Manager. He has a rich experience in (SEO) search engine, optimization of websites and advertising through social media.

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