Political Monitoring Report

Since 2002, Mada al-Carmel has published reports monitoring political developments in Israel’s policies vis-à-vis Israel’s Palestinian citizens, first in the form of annual reviews, and then as periodic electronic reports. These reports provide documentation and analysis on state legislative and policy developments, public opinion, and influential public statements. The most recent quarterly format provides an in-depth analysis of an emergent issue.

Access the complete Political Monitoring Report Archives here. The most recent issues appear below.

PMR Issue 16, May 2012

Over the last few years, our periodic Political Monitoring Reports have addressed the  most  prominent  manifestations  of  racism  towards  Palestinians  in  Israeli  legislation,  as  well  as  among  religious  leaders,  politicians,  and  decision  makers.  We  have  also  addressed  the  racism  common  … Continue reading

PMR Issue 15, February 2012

In recent years, restrictions on political freedoms and freedom of expression and belief have vastly expanded in Israel. Though most of the restrictions on political space have been directed at Arab parties and citizens, in recent months such restrictions have … Continue reading

PMR Issue 14, June 2011

The recent events taking place in the Israeli political scene have shown a growing trend towards an anti-democratic culture in which all components of the system play a role. Our previous report, which included an analysis of transformations in the … Continue reading

PMR Issue 13, March 2011

Prior to the Knesset’s spring recess that began in April, a number of Knesset members had been actively working to pass several proposed bills on their second and third readings in order to ratify them into law before the break. … Continue reading

PMR Issue 12, 2011

In previous reports, we described the legislative branch’s efforts to limit the scope of political activity of Palestinian citizens and their representatives in the Knesset, the limitations on activities of third-sector organizations and nonprofit organizations, and the efforts to erase … Continue reading