Can rights be won in Israel’s courts? | Mazen Masri | Jadal Reprint

–Israel has been institutionalizing the displacement and dispossession of Bedouins in the Negev/Naqab–   The question of using courts and litigation in struggles against oppressive regimes is not a new one. The long process of disassembling the South African apartheid state … Continue reading

The Master’s Tools; Jadal Issue 13, May 2012

The Master's Tools: Palestinian Citizens' Appeal within the Israeli Legal System Editorial Alaa Mahajna Analytical Papers Litigation within the Israeli Court System: a Double-Edged Sword | Alaa Mahajna Viewpoints On Legal Advocacy and Legitimation of Control | Hassan Jabareen Back to Politics? | Mazen Al-Masri The … Continue reading

Palestinian Feminist Discourse: Thought and Practice; Jadal Issue 4, October 2009

Editorial Editorial Analytical Papers The Physics of Power and the Challenges of the Palestinian Feminist Discourse: Between Thought and Practice | Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian Viewpoints Introduction | Editor Between the Kitchen and the Kitchenette: Reflections on a Perplexed Feminism!  | Huneida Ghanim Feminism in Islamic Religious … Continue reading