A Special Journal Issue Released on Yaffa (Jaffa): Roots, Home, and Homeland (Arabic)

Yaffa (Jaffa): Roots, Home, and Homeland Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian   The special focus on Yaffa (Jaffa) in the recent (Winter 2013) issue of the Journal for Palestine Studies (Arabic) emerged from a study carried out by the Gender Studies Program at … Continue reading

Lecture: “Nazareth: A Palestinian City Between the Mandate and Israel”

  Mada Al-Carmel Invites you to attend a lecture entitled: "Nazareth: A Palestinian city between the Mandate and Israel" Provided by Dr. Lena Dlashh, a research fellow in the Palestinian American Research Center ( PARC ) Moderator: Nadim Rouhana, Director Mada Al-Carmel Symposium … Continue reading

War by Other Means Against the Palestinians in Israel | Areej Sabbagh-Khoury

“Politics is the continuation of war by other means,” Michel Foucault wrote in “Society Must Be Defended” (2003), reversing Clausewitz’s well-worn dictum. Foucault’s point is that there is a continuous battle of sorts that takes place in times of peace, … Continue reading