A Special Journal Issue Released on Yaffa (Jaffa): Roots, Home, and Homeland (Arabic)

Yaffa (Jaffa): Roots, Home, and Homeland Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian   The special focus on Yaffa (Jaffa) in the recent (Winter 2013) issue of the Journal for Palestine Studies (Arabic) emerged from a study carried out by the Gender Studies Program at … Continue reading

Critical Readings of Palestinian-Jewish “Dialogue”; Jadal Issue 9, January 2011

Critical Readings of Palestinian-Jewish "Dialogue" Editorial Demolishing Walls | Rabah Halabi Analytical Papers The Oppressed Meeting the Oppressor: A Futile Action that Perpetuates the Existing Reality  | Rabah Halabi Viewpoints Joint Civil Society Organizations: Partnership or Lordship? | Bassem Kananeh Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue: Between the Vision … Continue reading