Seminar: The effect of the economic policies of the new Israeli government on Arab citizens

In May, Mada al-Carmel discussed the effect of the economic policies of the Israeli government on Arab citizens: building an economic development project inclusive of the Arab citizens of Israel is essential and necessary. The Israel Studies Program held a seminar … Continue reading

PMR Issue 16, May 2012

Over the last few years, our periodic Political Monitoring Reports have addressed the  most  prominent  manifestations  of  racism  towards  Palestinians  in  Israeli  legislation,  as  well  as  among  religious  leaders,  politicians,  and  decision  makers.  We  have  also  addressed  the  racism  common  … Continue reading

The Sociopolitical Discourses in the Life Stories of Palestinian Female Teachers in Israel (October 2011)

    At a Gender Studies Program Seminar, Sylvia Saba-Sa’di: “Palestinian female teachers inside the state of Israel are aware of the limitations and the sociopolitical obstacles that may prevent them from direct confrontation with the dominant repressive forces. However, … Continue reading