In April, Mada al-Carmel inaugurated the Mada Prize for Academic Excellence. The award was given to three researchers: Ms. Haneen Qarawani, a doctoral student in brain research and communication disorders, at the University of Haifa; Mr. Ali Mawasi, a master’s degree student in Arab and Islamic studies at Tel Aviv University; and Ms. Nisreen Mazawi, a master’s degree student in anthropology at the University of Haifa.

Prof. Michael Karayanni, of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s Faculty of Law, opened the meeting. Prof. Muhammad Haj Yahia, a member of the Mada Prize Academic Committee, explained the criteria on which the Committee made its selection. He then introduced the winners and the committee presented them with their awards. Ms. Einas Odeh-Haj, the Associate Director of Mada al-Carmel, congratulated the winners and thanked the members of the Mada Prize Academic Committee—Prof. Michael Karayanni, Prof. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, and Prof. Muhammad Haj Yahia for their efforts.

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