These five new publications examining the social and economic conditions of Arab women in Israel were published under the auspices of Mada al-Carmel's Economic Justice Program and in partnership with The Galilee Society, Rikaz, and I'lam.


The Education budget and participation of Arab women in the labor market: An Analysis of Gender and Ethnicity (PDF)

by Mtanes Shihadeh and Foad Moadi





Reality of Women in Israel (PDF)

by Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad, Leena Abu-Mukh Zoabi, Mtanes Shehadeh, Sami Miaari, Foad Moadi, Liana Fahoum





Arab Women in the Labour Market: Empirical Implications and Policy Orientation (PDF

by Dr. Sami Miaari





Health of Arab Women in Israel (PDF)

by Dr. Mohammad Khatib



Guide for Gender Sensitive National Budgets
by Lena Abu-Mukh Zoabi and Mtanes Shihadeh
Available in Arabic (PDF) and Hebrew (PDF).




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