This paper examines the effect of the politics of militarization and how violent conflict and war like situations can completely silence the voices of a certain segment of the society and render their suffering “invisible” in both the local and global context. In researching this invisibility the hitherto unheard voices of Palestinian women and girls find articulation through a series of case studies. These voices cast light on the unprecedented levels of hegemonic military power that is used to-occupy land, demolish homes, and wage unequal wars between civilians and the state- in this case-the Israeli state. It reflects on how Feminist methodologies can engage in studying the effect of militarization and endless violence. It asks how such methodologies can be developed when violent transgressions, both local and global, work in a spiral and accumulative manner, and when localized contexts and global power politics change rapidly and unpredictably, leaving victims/survivors in a constant state of confusion.

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