In July 2014, Mada researcher Dr. Aas Atrash conducted a survey of Palestinian citizens of Israel regarding opinions on government performance, ethnic discrimination, and attitudes toward negotiations between Palestinian leaders and the Israeli state.

Key findings:

  • 35.4% of those polled classified the performance of the government as “bad” to “very bad” with regards to its treatment of Arab citizens.
  • 42% stated that they have faced at least one racist experience.
  • 67.3% disagreed with the statement “I feel that the government considers Palestinian citizens as equal with Jewish citizens.”
  • 76% stated that the Likud government led by Benjamin Netanyahu was not interested in peace.
  • 79.3% considered the “Lieberman Plan,” or the proposal to annex the central region of Israel known as “The Triangle” to a newly formed Palestinian state, to be racist.
  • 68% rejected the notion that Palestinians should recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to resume negotiations.
  • 40.3% viewed the establishment of a bi-national state as a realistic political solution to the conflict.
  • A mere 9% strongly agreed that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be reached in the next five years.

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