The 23rd issue of Mada al-Carmel’s Jadal electronic magazine was edited by Mohanad Mustafa and Areen Hawari. This issue discusses the proposed Israeli bill entitled “Basic Law proposal: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People.” It is the first edition of Jadal magazine in its new format.  As with previous editions of Jadal, this and coming issues will address a central theme, but will also include additional articles dealing with other themes that are consistent with Jadal’s objective to serve as an intellectual platform for the discussion of social, political and cultural issues.

1. Editorial

Areen Hawari and Mohanad Mustafa


2. Feature

“Enforcing Racism in Israel: A Case Study of Israel’s Proposed ‘Nationality Law’” – Amal Jamal

“The Proposals of the Nationality Law and Their Implications for the Legal Status of the Arab Citizens” – Sawsan Zaher

“The Nation-State Law and Jewish Supremacy” – Yousef Tayseer Jabareen

“‘The Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People’ from the Perspective of International Law” – Sonia Boulos


3. Additional Articles

“The Violence of the New Palestinian Non-Violent Discourse” – Abaher El-Sakka

“Netanyahu and Mass Psychology” – Ashraf Othman Bader


Articles from the Jadal publication are available in Arabic on the Mada al-Carmel website. To view this issue, click here.