Mada’s PhD program hosts third workshop for students on Zionism & settler-colonialism

The third workshop was held from March 18 – 20 in Amman, Jordan and focused on ‘culture and colonialism’. Professor Nadim Rouhana, Mada’s director and workshop leader, opened the workshop, stating that it provided the platform for academics to present their research projects. This was followed by the first lecture which featured Lebanese writer Elias Khoury, who spoke about cultural resistance. Khoury presented the idea of culture as an act of resistance to settler colonialism in Palestine by emphasizing that each culture has an origin and ethical code. He explained that the moral basis of Israeli culture collapsed in the seventies as settler culture evolved. In a broader context, Mr. Khoury argued that the cultural experience of ‘the colonizer’ collapsed in the twentieth century because its moral essence had come to an end.

The second session included participation by PhD student, Maysa Eshkir, and Professor Khaled Furani during the second day of the workshop. Eshkir presented a book review of Frantz Fanon’s ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ and discussed Fanon’s work in the context of colonialism in Palestine. Professor Furani gave a lecture entitled ‘Stations in questioning colonialism from an anthropological biography,’ which addressed the topic of Palestine and Palestinian poetry from an anthropological perspective. Furani presented poetry as a cognitive body in the Arab history and a remnant of Palestinian identity.