Israel and the Palestinian Minority 2003:
Mada's Second Annual Political Monitoring Report

By: Nimer Sultany
November 2004
ISBN: 965-90573-8-5
Available in Arabic, English, and Hebrew

Available for purchase for 40 NIS. Please contact us for more information.

To monitor the attitude of the State of Israel and of Jewish Israeli society to Palestinian citizens of the state, Mada Al-Carmel initiated the Political Monitoring Project. This new publication of Mada, edited by attorney Nimer Sultany, is part of the project. By monitoring various issues, the report presents the official and unofficial attitude of the state and a large segment of Jewish Israeli society toward the Palestinian minority through the year 2003. This report discusses such developments as the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, the demolition of houses in the Negev, GSS involvement in Arab education system, and the arrest of leaders of the Islamic movement. It also examines public expressions of hatred and various other forms of racism, discrimination, and even violence against the Palestinian minority on the basis of national belonging.

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