Second Annual Survey 2005

Mada al-Carmel's Survey Research Unit conducted its second Annual Survey on 10th September-23rd October, 2005. The survey used a representative sample of 1,320 Palestinian citizens of Israel selected using the stratified sampling method and involved dividing the population of study into 9 stratums in terms of 3 variables: religion; region; and type of locality. A random sample was drawn and the data was collected using one hour face-to-face interviews. The questionnaire contained nine chapters, with each chapter addressing specific subjects including: equality and relations between Arab and Jewish citizens; relations between the Arab minority and the Israeli state; the future of Palestinians in Israel; the Right of Return; and demographic data.

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First Annual Survey 2004

The Annual Survey is a comprehensive survey consisting of interviews with a representative sample of the Palestinian community in Israel about their attitudes on social and political issues. The first Annual Survey conducted early in 2004 produced a wealth of data about the Palestinians in Israel and forms a baseline, with subsequent survey results showing any changes in public opinion. The resulting data and the accompanying analysis will provide a source for the study of trends in political and social change within the Palestinian community in Israel.

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