Single issue surveys are conducted by telephone every month or two months. These surveys focus on current issues that are of relevance to the Palestinian Arab community in Israel. Mada al-Carmel publishes the results of these surveys. Single issue surveys conducted by the SRU have included:

Anniversary of Israel’s War in Lebanon (September 2007)
49.5% of the Arabs in Israel are highly concerned about the current situation in the West Bank and Gaza

Clashes Between Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip (September 2007)
52.4% of the Arabs in Israel believe that the results of the war in Lebanon has reduced the strength of Israel’s deterrence

Public opinion poll of Palestinians in Israel on the war in Lebanon (August 2006)

Findings from a study conducted by Mada al-Carmel following the terrorist attack in Shafa'amr (September 2005)

Survey of Palestinians in Israel Regarding the Boycott of Knesset Elections 2003 (April 2004 )
The Survey Research Unit carried out this poll in April 2004 with the purpose of discovering what motivated 38% of Palestinians in Israel not to vote in the Knesset elections in February 2003.

Arabs opposition to Israeli Government’s plans to exchange Arab towns and their residents in Israel for Jewish settlements and their residents in the West Bank (February 2004)

Land and Population Exchange Survey (February 2004)
Over 90% of Arab residents in the 'Triangle' are opposed to the land exchange plans announced by the Israeli Government on the 3rd February, 2004

Widespread Palestinian Dissatisfaction with the Or Commission's Report and Recommendations (September 2003)
A public opinion poll of Palestinians in Israel shows that they believe the Or Commission's recommendations are inadequate as a response to the events of October 2000.

More than half of Palestinians in Israel believe that the Or Commission will not deliver justice (August 2003)
A poll of the public opinion of Palestinians in Israel indicates that the Arab public mistrusts the Or Commission but still hopes that justice will prevail.