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    The Director’s Column | Nadim N. Rouhana

Analytical Papers

    Introduction | Editor
    The Palestinian Local Government in Israel | As'ad Ghanem


    Introduction | Editor
    The Self-Empowerment of the Emerging Arab NGO Sector in Israel | Amal Jamal
    Civil Society Organizations and Their Impact on Collective Palestinian Action inside the Green Line | Ameer Makhoul

Information Papers

    The Military Government | Yair Boimel
    Introduction | Editor
    The Higher Follow-Up Committee for the Arab Citizens in Israel | Muhammad Amara

Political Monitoring Project

    Israel and the Palestinian Minority Bi-Monthly Monitoring Report of Mada al-Carmel | Mtanes Shihadeh

From MADA’s Ongoing Activities

    Archiving the Silenced History program | Editor
    Political Participation project | Editor
    Collective Rights and the Political Future program | Editor

Nadim N. Rouhana
Guest Editor
Nabil al-Saleh
Suneela Mubayi
Aya Breuer
Katie Hesketh
Zvi Shulman

Opinions expressed in Jadal are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Mada al-Carmel.

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