Resisting Hegemony: The Azmi Bishara Trial 
By: Nimer Sultany, Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
October 2003
ISBN: 965-90573-3-4
Available in Arabic and Hebrew

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This study analyses the Azmi Bishara (head of the National Democratic Assembly (NDA)) trial and its surrounding issues. The authors portray this trial as a political and social crossroads in relations between the state of Israel and its indigenous minority. In the study, the authors analyze the series of events that led to the trial, the attitudes of the state authorities and institutions during the trial, the Jewish Israeli public opinion toward Bishara and his party, the significance of the trial location, the effect of the identity of the judges on the trial and the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance and its effect on the Israeli political discourse. The authors also examine why this trial is unique and its particular relevance to greater issues affecting the Palestinian minority in Israel.

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