Palestinians in Israel: Socio-Economic Survey 2004 (Main Findings) 
July 2005
ISBN: 965-90824-0-1
Available in Arabic and English

Also available from the Galilee Society.

The Galilee Society and Mada al-Carmel executed this socio-economic survey to provie statistical information on various aspects of Palestinian social and economic life in Israel. The survey is the first of its kind with regard to its comprehensiveness, scientific structure, size of sample and locations included. The project is a pioneering attempt to fill an informational gap and provide reliable, credible, and professional scientific statistical data on Palestinians in Israel, on the features of Palestinian life in Israel in the cities and villages in the Galilee (North), Triangle (Center), and Naqab (South) including the Palestinians in Arab-Jewish mixed cities and unrecognized villages. The project also supplies statistics on the internally-displaced Palestinians, giving information about their origin and place of forced migration.

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