Israel and the Palestinian Minority: Political Monitoring Report 2005

Mtanes Shihadeh
December 2006
ISBN: 965-7308-08-9
Available in Arabic and Hebrew

Available for purchase for 50 NIS. Please contact us for more information.

This report covers the year 2005 and attempts to show the continuation of hostile policies and hatred towards the Palestinian people. The report demonstrates how these policies are becoming more and more legal and formulaic. This edition comes six years after Arab youths were killed during the protests of October 2000. It is written remembering the results of the investigation of policemen in the Ministry of Justice of Israel; the police were cleared of the crime of killing the Arab youths.

This report is composed of an introduction and four sections. The first sections deals with legislative power, and observations of legislation originating with the goal to harm the status of the Palestinian people. The second section specializes in executive power and the policies of different ministries against the Palestinian people, with particular focus on the policy of Arab house demolition. The third section deals with public opinion polls. The fourth section observes the culture of hostility and hatred towards Palestinian people evident in the statements of Israeli leaders and racial practices of companies and official institutions.

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