In our previous Political Monitoring Reports, we dedicated much space to describing the legislative and political process that impinges on the human rights of the Palestinian minority. This report, too, which deals with June, July, and August 2010, continues our survey of these processes. We examine bills aimed at punishing Knesset members for activity and positions contrary to the Zionist consensus. This report also describes the executive branch’s policy against the state’s Palestinian citizens: extending and imposing a more stringent policy on immigration and entry into Israel, blocking unification of Palestinian families in Israel, renewing the discourse on transfer, and granting benefits that would contribute to Judaization of the Galilee and the Negev. The illustrations presented below, together with those in previous reports, clearly delineate a broad process of sociopolitical exclusion of the Palestinian citizens of Israel and the increasing difficulty facing this community in coping with this exclusion…

This issue covers:

  •     Arab Knesset Members Powerless to Legislate
  •     Transfer: A Condition for Joining the Coalition

Access the document here.

Also available in Hebrew here (PDF).

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