In previous reports, we described the legislative branch’s efforts to limit the scope of political activity of Palestinian citizens and their representatives in the Knesset, the limitations on activities of third-sector organizations and nonprofit organizations, and the efforts to erase the collective memory of Palestinians in Israel. Simultaneously, the legislative branch has acted to reinforce and codify the Jewish character of Israel and impose it on the state’s Palestinian citizens by requiring a loyalty oath, by placing conditions on their rights as citizens, and by using the state’s educational system to support these policies. In November- December 2010, these efforts continued and additional limitations have been placed on Palestinian citizens’ rights: Jewish communal towns want to condition admission of new residents on their willingness to declare loyalty to the State of Israel, Jewish towns want to remove Arab residents, and the majority of the Jewish public supports conditioning citizenship on loyalty to the state as Jewish and democratic, as the 2010 Democracy Index report shows. Sentiments and acts of racism and hatred are now prevalent in Israeli society: in high and low income classes of society, among both the religious and the secular, in small communal towns, in peripheral areas, and in Israel’s metropolitan centers…

This issue covers:

  •     Expanding the Loyalty Oath
  •     Halacha (Jewish Law) in Service of Discrimination
  •     Demonstrations Against the Presence of Arabs

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Also available in Hebrew here (PDF).


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