This series of 10 seminars on collective rights was organized to explore the main theoretical and political issues and to define a research agenda. The seminars introduced the topic of collective rights from an academic, philosophical and legal perspective.

Lecturer/Topic of Lecture:
October 21, 2001
Dr.Yossi Yonah – Ben Gurion University
"Liberal Theory and Collective Rights"
November 11, 2001
Dr. Asa'd Ghanem – Haifa University
"Collective Rights in National States"
November 30, 2001
Advocate Mohammad Dahleh – Hebrew University
"Collective Rights Across a Broad Range of Circumstances"
December 23, 2001
Dr. Mousa Abu Ramadan – Haifa University
"Minority Rights and International Law"
January 13, 2002
Dr. Gad Barzilai – Tel Aviv University
"Collective Rights in Israel"
February 3, 2002
Dr. Amal Jamal – Tel Aviv University
"The Philosophical Background of Collective Rights"
March 1, 2002
Dr. Ramzi Suleiman – Haifa University
"Questions Concerning Citizenship and Palestinian Collective Identity in Israel"
March 24, 2002
Dr. Ilan Saban – Haifa University
"Constitutional Arrangement of Minority Rights: A Comparative Perspective"
April 4, 2002
Advocate Hassan Jabareen ‘Adalah: Center for Arab Minority Rights’
"The Concept of Indigenous People and the Relationship with Collective Rights"
April 26, 2002
Prof. Said Zidani – Al-Quds University and ‘The Palestinian Organization for Human Rights’
"The Autonomy and Collective Rights"

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