Over the last few years, our periodic Political Monitoring Reports have addressed the  most  prominent  manifestations  of  racism  towards  Palestinians  in  Israeli  legislation,  as  well  as  among  religious  leaders,  politicians,  and  decision  makers.  We  have  also  addressed  the  racism  common  among  the  Israeli  public  and  the  reflections  of  these  policies  and  attitudes  in  Israeli  public  opinion,  as  demonstrated  in  the  Democracy  Index  surveys  of  the  last  three  years  and  other  surveys.  In  having  issued  16  periodical Political Monitoring Reports, we have hoped to exhibit the continuous but  ever-­‐evolving  attitude  of  the  state  and  its  institutions  towards  its  Arab  citizens.  The  state  continues  to  treat  its  Arab  citizens  as  enemies,  legitimizing  and  legalizing  discrimination  through  laws  that  specifically  target  the  Arab  population  in  general  and  Arab  individuals  in  particular.  These  laws  prioritize  and  privilege  Jewish  society,  including  Jews  in  the  Diaspora.  At  the  same  time,  racism  and  suppression  are  practiced  and  honed  through  general  policies  and  bureaucracy,  often  taking  the  form  of  unofficial  or  unwritten  declarations,  in  addition  to  the  harsh  policies  that  target Arab citizens of Israel…
Other topics discussed include:
  • Appointment of Justices Depends on Military Service
  • A Bill to Silence the Muezzin
  • Finding and Boycotting Businesses that Employ Arabs

Access the publication here. (PDF)

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