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Position Paper: The War on Gaza: Policies of silencing, intimidation, and persecution against Palestinians in Israel

This position paper discusses the measures used to gag, silence, and intimidate Palestinians in Israel amid the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip. This paper contends that the Israeli government’s definition of the war as an existential war, a “war on the house”, and the security and political crisis that Israel has undergone since October 7th, combine to create fertile ground for silencing any dissenting voice against the war, and for suppressing and demonizing Palestinians in Israel.

Thus, what is now happening can be described as an unannounced return to military rule. The current war on Gaza highlights the fragile and hollow nature of the citizenship granted to Palestinians in Israel, as well as its total subordination to the needs and conditions of the security establishment and the Zionist consensus.

The measures currently being taken by Israel against Palestinian citizens may become permanent fixtures after the war if the Zionist consensus is persuaded that they work to its advantage, and do not elicit a real reaction or exact a political price.

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