Public Opinion on Arab Local Government in Israel
By: Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
October 2004
Available in Arabic

Mada’s SRU series examines Palestinian public opinion on major political and social issues that occupy their society. This fourth report examines the attitudes of Palestinians in Israel regarding the performance of Arab local government. The survey was conducted in October 2003 and included 17 out of a total of 75 Arab local governments. The report focuses on the role of societal factors in the management of the local government and how these factors are perceived by the public.

The survey asked about four main subjects: management of Arab local government and the level of services they provide; the public perception of the local government; patterns of voting for local government; and attitudes toward candidacy of Palestinian women. The report also examines and compares the number of lists (or parties) that compete for membership in Arab and Jewish local governments and critically analyzes the results.

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