Israel and the Palestinian Minority 2004:
Mada's Third Annual Political Monitoring Report

By: Nimer Sultany
August 2005
ISBN: 965-7308-02-X

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This book is in two parts. The first part is the Third Annual Political Monitoring Report issued by Mada al-Carmel. The early chapters deal with the official policy of state institutions toward Palestinian-Arab citizens. The report also deals with unofficial policy, i.e., the manner in which Arab citizens are treated by Israeli society. The report also presents public opinion surveys taken among Israelis over the past year, and compares the results with those of previous years. According to these surveys, the Israeli Jewish public is even more ethnocentric, anti-liberal, and anti-Arab than its elected leaders. Racist and undemocratic attitudes are common among Israel's Jewish population. The final chapter presents a number of examples of the culture of hate and discrimination against Arabs in Israel, in the form of written and oral comments by politicians, journalists, academics, and rabbis. The second part of the book contains four articles which provide analysis of data collected in this and previous reports, as well as other issues facing Palestinians in Israel.

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