Public Opinion on the Terrorist Attack in Shafa'amr
By: Ameed Sa'abni & Marzuk Halabi
December 2005
Available in Arabic

This research surveyed a representative sample of 582 people from the general Arab population throughout Israel intending to document the opinions of Arab citizens on matters concerning their safety.

A high percentage of Arab citizens believe that a crime like that committed in Shafa'amr can occur again. More than seventy percent think that such a terrorist attack is likely to occur again. A similar percentage think that, in such a case, intervention by international institutions should be requested. They have good reason to think this: forty percent believe that other soldiers like the one who perpetrated the attack exist. Sixty-eight percent think that the General Security Services could have prevented the attack. A further fifty-two percent of the respondents think that the government's policies encourage crimes like the one that was perpetrated in Shafa'amr. Amongst the Arab populace, positions are clear: fear of additional crimes exists, and most respondents are of the opinion that the government perpetrates their insecurity.

This survey report is available in Arabic here.  

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