On Wednesday, July 1, 2009, in collaboration with Adalah and the Andalus Publishing HouseMada al-Carmel hosted the Canadian journalist, writer, and activist Naomi Klein on the occasion of the publication of her book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, in Arabic and Hebrew.
Hundreds of interested Arabs and Jews attended the symposium, which was held at al-Maidan Theatre in Haifa.

The symposium was opened by Professor Nadim Rouhana, General Director of Mada al-Carmel, who welcomed the audience and noted that the symposium had been in the works for about a year in coordination with Yael Lehrer, owner of Andalus Publishing, who translated Naomi Klein’s book. He was followed by Attorney Abeer Baker, who spoke on behalf of Adalah.

Ms. Klein then spoke about her experiences during her visit to the Gaza Strip a few days before the symposium, and the importance of exerting global efforts to boycott Israel and the institutions that support the occupation and apartheid in order to compel Israel to abide by and implement all international resolutions. Following the lecture, there was a discussion that focused on the boycott, and then Ms. Klein signed copies of her book in Hebrew.

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