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Position paper: Seven Months of War on Gaza - Israel Is in International Distress

After seven months of war on Gaza, Israel finds itself in a strategic crisis, as it has not achieved any of the war’s declared goals, has not liberated the hostages, ended the war on its terms, and been able to impose its conditions for a ceasefire. This, despite the killing of nearly 40,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the destruction of approximately 70 percent of residential buildings, public facilities, and infrastructure.


This position paper addresses some of the repercussions of the war of extermination in the Gaza Strip on Israel's international standing, especially the unofficial aspects—those not related to the positions and institutions of the state. Among them is the beginning of the emergence of a serious, unofficial, international boycott of Israeli academia, and a global boycott of artistic and cultural works, in addition to the escalation of student protest movements in American universities.


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