This seminar series consisted of 10 lectures and addressed different aspects of collective rights; the historical legality of rights over land, the moral and legal basis for collective rights, the perspective of international law on the right of self-determination and a criticism of liberal multiculturalism.

November 7, 2003
Dr. Amal Jamal – Tel Aviv University
"On Politicizing Indingeneity: The Moral, Legal and Political Justifications of Collective Rights"

November 28, 2003
Dr. Michael Karayanni – The Hebrew University
"Liberal Pluralism and its View of the Individual, the Community and the State: A Critical Appraisal"

December 12, 2003
Dr. Tamar Meisels – Tel Aviv University
"Can Corrective Justice Ground Claims to Territory?"

January 9, 2004
Dr. Chaim Gans – Tel Aviv University
"The Palestinian Right of Return and the Justice of Zionism"

February 12, 2004
Dr. Sammi Samooha – Haifa University
"Collective Right for Arabs in Israel"

February 26, 2004
Dr. Gad Barzilai – Tel Aviv University
"Is the Future Good or Bad: From Liberal Fantasies and Violent Despair to Critical Communitarian Scenarios"

March 12, 2004
Attorney Nimer Sultany – Mada al Carmel Center
"International Law and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: On the Particular Case of the Palestinian Minority"

March 26, 2004
Dr. Mohammad Amarah – Bar Ilan University
"Arab Linguistic Space and Collective Rights in Israel"

April 16, 2004
Dr. Menny Mautner – Tel Aviv University
"Israel as a Multicultural State: The Need for a New Thinking"

May 14, 2004
Dr. Yousef Jabareen – Georgetown Law Center
"The Israeli Judicial Discourse and the Arab Minority: Between Formal and Substantial Equality"

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