The Survey Research Unit carried out this poll in April 2004 with the purpose of discovering what motivated 38% of Palestinians in Israel not to vote in the Knesset elections in February 2003.

Out of the 821 Palestinian electorate who were asked if they had voted in the elections 263 stated they had not. From these 263 four main reasons for not voting were discovered; 20 per cent did not vote due to apathy and 36 per cent for logistical reasons (for example not being able to get to the ballot box due to illness, old age, or being out of the country). 35 per cent of respondents said they didn't vote in order to protest their discontent with the current elections and political situation, that is they intend to vote in the future but only after significant progress for Palestinians in Israel is made. Only 9 per cent stated that they did not vote for ideological reasons, by not voting they were denying the Knesset and the state of Israel legitimacy.

This result is in direct contradiction to the statements made by a political movement that promoted the boycott of the elections. The political movement, representing Palestinian citizens in Israel, claimed that the main reason for the low turn out of Arab voters was due to a deliberate ideological boycott initiated by members of the movement. The results of the survey do not endorse this opinion as only 9 per cent of respondents stated that they didn't vote for ideological reasons.

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