Judaizing The Place
By: Nabih Bashir
July 2004
ISBN: 965-90573-7-7
Available in Arabic

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In this book, the author explores the concept of place and the narratives related to it as an instrument by which Jewish settlers in the Galilee were able to create a sense of "local identity" within the context of the Zionist-Colonialist enterprise. The book exposes, and rejects, the supposed theoretical dilemma existing within the social sciences whereby individuals and communities are dealt with as separate, isolated entities, detached from the dimensions of time and place. In regards to this dilemma, the author demonstrates that a new approach must be developed: one that grounds individuals and communities in time and place. As such, social phenomena would contextualize individuals as "grounded human entity". The book goes on the explore the Zionist concepts related to settlement and in part adopts the idea of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and one based on territory.

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