Land Day: Betwixt & Between National & Civic
By: Nabih Bashir
October 2006
ISBN: 965-7308-07-0
Available in Arabic

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This book studies the developments of political discourse within a Palestinian community in Israel during the 1970s, and in particular deals with the general strike by Palestinians in Israel known as "Land Day". The Arab political leadership in Israel initiated the strike carried out in all Arab localities in response to the Israeli government's decision to continue its policy of confiscating lands belonging to the Arab community. The Israeli government's response to the strike was to use its military force and six Arab demonstrators were killed, tens were injured, and hundreds were arrested by the Israeli army and its interior intelligence forces. Land Day is generally considered as marking a turning point in the relationship between the Arab community in Israel and the Israeli state. This study illustrates Land Day's dynamics and explains the changes which occurred.

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