Palestinian Women’s and Feminist NGOs within the 1948 Green Line
By: Janan Abdu
Forward by Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian
ISBN: 965-7308-15-1
Available in Arabic

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Janan Abdu’s book, a publication of the Gender Studies program at Mada, traces the foundations and development of numerous Palestinian women’s and feminist NGOs inside the 1948 borders of Israel. It surveys their work and compares them with women’s NGOs in Arab countries which maintain historical, cultural, and political ties with Palestinian NGOs in Israel. The research findings and conclusions are primarily drawn from conversations with activists in the NGOs and the data they provided through questionnaires. The findings include  a variety of issues such as the prolonged effect of the Nakba on these NGOs, the reciprocal relationship between a Palestinian woman’s position within politics, society, and the economy, and  how the establishment of the State of Israel prevents normal growth of feminist frameworks and of a Palestinian women’s movement. Ms. Abdu also looks at the relationship between the NGOs and the state and its institutions, as well as the connection between the NGOs within Israel and throughout the West Bank, Gaza, and in the Arab world. She examines the issues of financing, viable resources, and reliance on volunteers, all of which are hurdles facing these NGOs.

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