Towards Bridging the Divide: Palestinians on Both Sides of the Green Line

Edited By: Hassan Khedr

A New Publication from Mada al-Carmel and the Muwatin Foundation. Available in Arabic. 

Available for purchase. Please contact us for more information. 

Mada al-Carmel—Arab Center for Applied Social Research in Haifa, and Muwatin Foundation—The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy in Ramallah released a book detailing the joint workshop held by these organizations in March of 2011, under the title, “Palestinians on Both Sides of the Green Line in Changing Political Circumstances.”

The initiative for this workshop stemmed from the desire to discuss the general Palestinian situation, especially in light of recent developments in the peace process, the purposed solutions to the conflict, the continuance of the Palestinian Dilemma, and the deep political divisions and geographic fragmentation. The workshop—which lasted for two consecutive days—related these questions to the relationship between Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

On the experience of cooperation between the foundations, Ms. Einas Odeh-Haj , co-director at Mada al-Carmel, said “Mada al-Carmel believes it is particularly important to create a space to challenge the reality of fragmentation of the Palestinians; In which to share thinking on the purposed solutions, possible alternatives, and the implications  and projections of them in the absence of a national project inclusive of all Palestinians. This cooperation with Muwatin is the first of these activities/events and a successful experiment we wish to repeat and adapt.” Mr. George Jaqaman, General Director of the Muwatin Foundation followed, saying: “We are linked through an old relationship with the Mada institute. We cooperated on more than one aspect, and we hope to become an enlightening workshop and follow-up this subject in its various forms, especially in light of the changing climate.”

The workshop took place in six sessions and was attended by many academics and activists from both sides of the Green Line. The first session presented and discussed the goals of the workshop. The second workshop was entitled “The Status of the Relationship between Palestinians across the Green Line: The Reality, Limitations, and Prospects for Development.” The third session addressed the status of Palestinians in Israel in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The fourth session discussed perceptions of the position of Palestinians in Israel in the event of successful negotiations for a two-state solution and the impact on the relationship between Palestinians in the two states. The fifth session posed a question about the potential influence of the collapse of the two-state solution on the relationship between Palestinians or if it would continue with the status quo. The sixth session was dedicated to summarizing the topics discussed and different recommendations, including examining the possibility of expanding the debate to include other portions of the Palestinian community in the future. 


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