Head of Group: Dr. Muhanad Mustafa

This research group will discuss and analyze the political discourse and ideas of the Islamic Movement* in Israel. We will give in our analysis of the political rhetoric of the Islamic Movement in Israel a methodological comparison with Islamic politics in the Arab world, a subject not previously researched. We believe that this will deepen our understanding of the political language used by the Islamic movement in Israel. The political context of the Islamic movement in Israel is unlike any other in the Arab world and even unlike examples of Islamic movements in Europe or other non-Islamic countries. There are many issues that will be discussed by the group, among them that the Islamic Movement developed rhetoric—that we can call the rhetoric of difference—that contrasts to the rhetoric recognized in other Arab political and civil frameworks in Israel.

Additionally, the Islamic Movement exists as a condition of the loss of a state, and is thus trying to ignore the realities of the Jewish state—sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully—trying to compensate for this loss by focusing on the inside (Arabs 48), and work towards the outside (the Islamic World). The approach of working within Israel was adopted because of a desire to build a self-reliant community, oriented outside the state to deepen foreign relations with external Islamic organization, and through the adoption of Islamic Political discourse beyond the reality of the Regional State.


* We intentionally use the term Islamic Movement and not Political Islam for two reasons: Firstly because this is the term used by the Islamic Movement in Israel to describe themselves and their work. And secondly—and in our opinion more importantly—the Islamic Movement in Israel originated without the desire to gain power, the issue of the state and its political system are not questioned, according to its political agendas and ideas. But this does not stem from the adoption of this state and its political system, rather it is an attempt to bypass this question and ultimately skip over the state.



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