On 26.04.2013 Mada al-Carmel, Arab Center for Applied Social Research, hosted Professor Elia Zureik.

Elia Zureik is a professor of sociology, at Queen’s University in Ottawa, Canada. He received an award from Queen’s University in 2008 for excellence in scientific research. His research focuses on the Middle East, specifically Palestine, and the study of prosecution and surveillance. He has been working recently on merging these fields. In 1979 he published the book, Palestinians in Israel: A Study in Internal Colonialism, and in 1996, he published, Palestinian Refugees and the Peace Process. He has also participated in the editing of a number of books, among them, Surveillance and Control in Israel/Palestine: Population, Territory, and Power, published in 2011. He has published many articles and papers for important academic journals. Soon he will release his new book on the subject of Israel as a colonialist project.

In his presentation that was conducted in English at Mada al-Carmel, Professor Elia spoke about his new book, Israel’s Colonial Project presenting portions of it, especially the introduction that demonstrates the relationship between Israel, colonialism, and the intelligence tools and information used to maintain the continuance of the colonialist project. Professor Elia also presented on some of the literature associated with the subject. The presentation was followed by discussion and questions addressing comparisons between Israel and other countries from a security perspective. 


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