Dr. Mtanes SMtaneshehadeh, Mada al-Carmel’s Israel Studies Program Coordinator, participated in a symposium as part of the series New Directions in Palestinian Studies, organized by the Middle East Studies at Brown University. The symposium “Political Economy and Economy of the Political” was held in February of 2014, and is part of a new initiative of seminars and workshop intended to identify promising new questions and sources, to exchange experiences and insights, and to encourage networking across disciplinary and field boundaries. This theme of political economy, broadly construed to include a range of approaches from social history to discursive constructions of “economy,” was chosen as a focus for the first symposium because it constitutes an enduring perspective that has recently gained significant traction. Dr. Shehadeh presented a paper entitled The Israel Policy toward “Arab Economy,” which examines Israeli economic policy towards the Palestinians in Israel–the “Arab economy.” The paper reassesses the question of integration and exclusion of the Palestinian Arab minority in the Israeli economy, particularly in light of the adoption of liberal economic policies in Israel and the need of the Israeli economy to development the Arabs economy, while still preserving the superiority of Israel’s Jewish economy.

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